Reading I: Reading Literature Class (Grades K–10)

Course ID: R1

The Reading Literature Class helps students to improve their ability to read fiction and nonfiction books. Students improve their reading comprehension by reading, writing about, and discussing books from prepared reading lists that are aligned with the recommended reading lists of local school districts (Gwinnett County, Fulton County, etc.).
Reading Lists with Books of Diverse Genres
Comprehension Skills Practice (Main Ideas, Summarizing, Making Inferences, Analyzing Characters and Themes, etc.)
Vocabulary Instruction and Practice
Oral Reading Practice
Phonics Instruction (for lower grades)

Time: 15.00-20.00(M-F)Room No: Y03

Reading II: Reading Skills Class (Grades 2–7)

Course ID: R2

The Reading Skills Class is designed to help students improve their ability to read and comprehend both fiction and informational writing. Aligned with the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards, this class helps prepare students for success in all subject areas by teaching the skills students need to understand not only fictional stories and nonfiction readings but also textbooks, directions for homework assignments, and test questions.

Reading and Answering Questions from Selected Reading Passages
Key Reading Skills Practice (Word Decoding, Identifying Main Ideas, Understanding Story Elements and Text Structure, etc.)
Critical-Thinking Skills Improvement
Vocabulary and Language Arts/Grammar Instruction

Time: 15.00-20.00(M-F)Room No: Y04

Writing (Grades 3–10)

Course ID: W1

Yejiel’s Writing classes help students to develop essential writing skills. Students learn about proper grammar as well as how to write effective sentences, paragraphs, and essays.

Grammar and Punctuation
Structure and Organization of Paragraphs and Essays
Characteristics of Different Types of Writing (e.g., Narrative, Descriptive, Informational, Persuasive)
Practice Writing Paragraphs and Essays
Detailed Feedback on Writing from Instructor

Time: 15.00-20.00(M-F)Room No: Y02

Math (Grades 1–12)

Course ID: M1

Yejiel’s Math classes provide instruction in basic to advanced math skills. Lessons are tailored to each student’s grade and abilities and prepare students for success in school and in math competitions.

Individualized Lesson Plans
Reinforcement and Improvement of Students’ Math Skills
Problem-Solving Skills Development
Practice Drills to Strengthen Calculation Abilities
Instruction in Basic to Advanced Math Skills
Preparation for Competitions
Builds Students’ Confidence in Math

Time: 15.00-20.00(M-F)Room No: Y01

PSAT Class (Grades 7–9)

Course ID: PSAT1

The PSAT provides practice for the SAT and can also qualify students for the National Merit Scholarship program and other honors. Yejiel’s PSAT class prepares students for the PSAT by explaining the format and contents of the exam and teaching the reading, writing, and math skills students will need to do well on the test.

Lessons to Improve Critical Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar/Writing, and Math Skills
Realistic Practice Exams
Test-Taking Strategies
Practice for the SAT

Time: 15.00-20.00(M-F)Room No: Y01

SAT Class (Grades 9–12)

Course ID: SAT1

The SAT Class helps high school students to improve their scores on the SAT and to learn the academic skills they need to be college ready. The class provides an overview of what is on the Reading, Writing, and Math sections of the test and provides lessons on test-taking strategies and topics the SAT tests, including critical reading, vocabulary, algebra, geometry, grammar, and essay writing.

Pretest & Orientation
Realistic Practice Exams
Comprehensive Score Reports
Personalized Assignments
Reading, Writing, and Math Lessons
Test-Taking Strategies

Time: 15.00-20.00(M-F)Room No: Y02